My name is Leif Alvarsson, an artist from a small town in Northern Sweden.
I love to throw down color on canvas but I mostly create digital in Ps and Ai to be able to create crisp vector graphics.
I'm not talented in any way, I just never stopped scribble, maybe obssessed is the right word for this. I just love what I do and hopefully you like it too.
Feel free to jump to my contact page HERE if you have any questions about anything and I will answer asap in Swedish or English, whatever you prefer.
No mission is to big or too small.

Don't forget to swing by Instagram and Youtube if you got time to spare.

Sled Wraps, UTV Wraps, Vehicle wrap design, Jet ski wrap design, Logos, Merch, Boat wraps, Skateboard graphics, Snowboard graphics, Wakeboard graphics, Shop window art, Wall graphics & much more.

Leffe Bläck AB

Org.nr: 559375-6793
F-Skatt & Moms


Have a good one.